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Point of Sale

With the increment in today’s market and increasing customer rate managing accounts and sales are becoming difficult and complex. To remove this complexity and making shop management easy ‘Point of Sale’ is an essential software. This can help maintain item’s record and sales record too. By this windows application there will be no need to manage heavy paper registers and to use them to calculate grosses of your shop.

This software can remove all the calculation problems and there will be no need to remember the prices of each item.


Shop manager and employees will log in to their accounts when ever they will use the system. Only admin can change account settings.

Employee Accounts

Shop manager will create accounts for employees when ever he hires any employee on job. Manager can also delete the employee accounts.


Shop manager can add, delete and update the stock in inventory. He will keep the record of all the item present in stock. Manager will also set constrains on stock quantity to make sure he will get a reminder if the stock is less then the limit he set.


The shop will provide promotional offers and discount on products present in the shop on special events. The Employee or manager who ever makes the bill will also enter the discount value of the product in system.


System will generate sale and purchase reports and manager will check the reports on daily, weekly and monthly basis and keep record of all the reports.


Shop manager can check the status of the shop employees either they are present on shop or not.


System will generate the backup of the system on hourly basis in order to keep the system data save at another place.